With our 100% Confidence Guarantee, we stay committed!

Our Goal: offering you the best possible benefits! Gifts, guarantees, payments facilities... we didn't forget anything to make you happy and to ensure you are 100% satisfied. You don't have to take any risks, leave them all to us.

30-Day Free Trial

Pay only after results! Try a treatment at no charge for 30 days. We will only cash your cheque after this period and only if we don't get any news from you.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer you an unlimited LIFETIME guarantee. You can return your products (even empty or partly used) if you feel you are not satisfied enough. If this is the case, upon receipt of your request, we will send you a cheque covering the total amount of your order.

3-per-order gifts

Each time you place an order at Best Natural Shop, you get at least one gift, but you can get up to 3 gifts in the same order! Here's how: for every order you get automatically one gift; for all orders equal or above £75 you get a 2nd gift; and for all orders equal or above £95 you get a 3rd gift!

These gifts are yours permanently, even if you wish to return your products and get a refund.

Free shipping to your home

All orders in our website get free shipping. Please allow 10 days on average between the order dispatch and reception.

Free credit (only by cheque)

You can pay in 2 or 3 separate payments (depending on the amount) with no extra charges:

  • 2 separate payments if the amount of your purchase reaches £70.
  • 3 separate payments if the amount of your purchase reaches £115.

Send us your 2 or 3 cheques together, signed with the date of the order. The first one will be cashed 30 days after, then the second another 30 days after, and the third again 30 days later.

Secure payment

Credit card payments are only possible with Visa or Mastercard cards. Our website uses a secure payment system that allows you to order and pay securely. Indeed we use a 256-bit SSL encryption system that fully protects your transactions.