• The snail produces a protein, allantoin, together with vitamines and glycolic acid, that allow it to rebuild its shell when it cracks. All of these properties will be beneficial to you, as they promote a better articular comfort, enhanced mobility, protection of your cartilage and pain relief.

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  • Glutathion, which we might also call the "Antioxidant Master", effectively fights free radicals that are responsible for the ageing process. Its action is thus extremely beneficial to keep you young and healthy.

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  • Joint pain, stiffness, mobility problems? With the help of Jointrelax you get more flexibility, improve your flexibility and can naturally relieve your pain.

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  • Enrichi à la fibre de cuivre thérapeutique. Ce textile révolutionnaire confortable et extensible crée une chaleur régulière et diffuse en continu des ions anti-douleurs. Son action antalgique est quasi immédiate et l'inflammation disparait en quelques heures.

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